Calle de amores, Boris Larramendi Calle8 Miami, FL Enero/20/2018

Concierto del sábado dia 20 de enero del 2018
Boris Larramendi en Cubaocho Museum & Performing Art Center.

Boris Larramendi: guitarra y voz

Dianela de la Portilla: coros
Philbert Armenteros: congas
Daniel Stable: bajo
Armando Arce: batería
Heriberto Rey: guitarra
Invitados: Yusa y Sory Pérez

Video courtesy: George Gautier®
Recorded By Marcel & Gautier Cameras and Sound.
Sinúnfula Producciones®
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 George Gautier
Publicado el 18 feb. 2018

Brian Eno - Grandes de las bandas sonoras mundiales

Neroli art by Zena Holloway
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Música "The mental image and its counter-image" de Shanti Gowans


Dustin O'Halloran - Lumiere Excelentes bandas sonoras de colección.

Dustin O'Halloran - Lumiere

"We Move Lightly" de Dustin O'Halloran

0:00 A Great Divide 6:19 Opus 44 9:09 We Move Lightly 12:20 Quartet N.2 15:35 Opus 43 22:06 Quintette N.1 27:19 Fragile N.4 30:50 Opus 55 36:57 Snow + Light

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Música: "We Move Lightly" de Dustin O'Halloran

Max Richter Non-eternal Excelentes bandas sonoras de colección.

Max Richter - Non-eternal

Excelentes bandas sonoras de colección.

Max Richter es un productor, pianista y compositor alemán de música contemporánea y minimalista. Richter es conocido por su vasta producción, componiendo y grabando su propia música; escribiendo ... Wikipedia
Fecha de nacimiento: 22 de marzo de 1966 (edad 51), Hamelín, Alemania
Artistas relacionados: Piano Circus
Películas: Vals con Bashir, Sola contra el poder, MÁS
Géneros: Música académica contemporánea, Ambient, Música minimalista

From Sleep (Deutsche Grammophon 0289 479 5267 1 DDD GH).

Monumental work that will certainly stay Max Richter's milestone in his discography, Sleep intends to be a lullaby for our frenetic world. A moment of peace for those who haven't the time to take the time anymore.

Non-Eternal really stands out in these 500 minutes of continuous music, meant to accompany you in your sleep and gently ride the wave of your dreams next to you. Taking place in the middle of your night, the track first unfurls ghostly vocals echoing in the unseizable distances of space. A melancholic lullaby of a lost childish memory, reverberating in our inner world as a delicate catharsis to reach the edge of oblivion. A lone voice conversing with itself, eternally feeding over its own circling harmonics.

The main melodic theme is eventually replaced by concrete classical orchestrations of piano and strings, naturally taking over the legacy of the previous vocals. A real conversation now emerges between the two instruments, pushing the night and our intrinsic feelings forwards through the night. A lacrymal complementarity born in the nothingness and raised on chaos catches our last errating thoughts to focus on the unique goal to reach peace.

With Sleep, Max Richter invited himself in our lives when we are the most vulnerable, and brought gentleness in a world that cruelly lacks of it. This is also why this album is particularly effective and positive when listened to under a blanket, in a bed, when the moon is leisurely shining over our heads...
Enjoy folks, and if you feel like it, I'd like you to share your sensations too, here in the comments section or on my Facebook page at

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This video is uploaded only in a promotional purpose, as I do not own any rights on this music. All rights reserved to Max Richter and Deutsche Grammophon.

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Max Richter - Love Songs (Live From The Yellow Lounge, Berlin)

Música de las que sanan

HUMAN's Musics. Excelente Film con insuperable música. de Yann Arthus-Bertrand

HUMAN's Musics - A film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand / Composed by Armand Amar

 "I am deeply taken with traditional music, it moves me, it connects you to emotion. The idea with HUMAN was to create songs that would reflect the same emotion generated by the interviews. I wanted things to open up, to open up one’s heart, to let the sadness be without any restraint. 

HUMAN has been one of these rare moments in my life as a film composer during which I could express all these different cultures at the same time : either working on minimalist songs or meeting with these singers and musicians coming from all around the world. Which note did I first produce ? I had more like a global vision in mind, an atmosphere that would merge into the film and that would bring people together, this was my starting point. The part I created for the Mongolian sequence might be the best summary of the atmosphere I wanted the film to have. Yann has given me a particular role as a film composer that is very diffrent from the one other directors usually give me. There is a strong friendship between us, an intimate relationship. He’s generous. You follow him because of his fantastic instinct, I can advise on the artistic process being in a way the first audience." 

 Armand Amard, composer of the HUMAN music. "Les musiques traditionnelles m’ont accaparé, elle me touchent, elles ont un rapport direct avec l’émotion. Pour HUMAN, mon idée était de construire une sorte de résonnance des interviews par un chant qui délivrerait la même émotion. J’avais envie que les choses s’ouvrent, que le cœur s’ouvre, que la tristesse s’ouvre, de ne pas avoir de retenue. 

HUMAN a été un des rares moments dans ma vie de compositeur de musiques de film, où j’ai pu exprimer toutes ces cultures différentes : être aussi bien dans des musiques minimalistes que dans des rencontres avec tous ces musiciens et chanteurs venus d’ailleurs. Quelle note m’est venue en premier ? C’était plus une vision globale, un univers en osmose avec le film, où il était question de partage et de rencontre, qui ont été mon point de départ. D’ailleurs, pour moi ma composition faite pour les images de la Mongolie résume particulièrement l’univers que j’ai voulu pour ce film. Avec Yann, j’ai une place particulière en tant que compositeur, différente de celle que me donnent les autres réalisateurs. Entre lui et moi, il y a une amitié profonde, nos échanges sont complices. C’est quelqu’un de généreux. Son instinct assez fantastique fait qu’on arrive à le suivre, je peux me permettre de donner mon avis dans la construction du film, parce que je suis dans le fond, le premier public." Armand Amar, compositeur de la musique de HUMAN. 

 HUMAN exhibition ! Come and discover an exclusive 8 hours film exhibition at the GoodPlanet Foundation – Domaine de Longchamp, Paris. Unprecedented installations offering unique testimonies of love, happiness, but also hatred and violence, which confront us with the Other and bring us back to our own lives. More information on